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Computer Graphics - 2D, Animation, CAD, CADD, CAE, CAM, CNC, CSG, Diagrams, Drafting, Drawing(general), FEA, Flowcharts, Layouts, MCAD, Modeling, Photography, Raster, Sculpting, Sketching, Schematics, Vectors. » Comparison of CAD editors for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). » Computer Graphics » Comparison of 3D computer graphics software » Category:Free computer-aided design software
Animation - Character Animation and Modeling: 2D & 3D Characters & Environments for Animation, not CAD for engineering.
Art » Free Art
CAD or CADD - CAD, CAM, CNC, MCAD, Drafting, Motion Simulation...

Try Next - All of these are free open source, free unlimited, or free limited. Feb 2017. • 2D Drafting:   LibreCAD.   DoubleCAD XT.   Solid Edge 2D.   DraftSight.
• 2D Drawing (general):   Inkscape.   LibreCAD.
• 2D or 3D Layouts - Dimension and Geometry Constraints:   Solid Edge for 2D.   SolveSpace for 2D or 3D.   FreeCAD for 2D or 3D.
• 2D3D CAD or CADD - 2D Drawing parametrically driven from 3D model:   FreeCAD   Onshape.
• Assembly:   Creo Direct Express.   FreeCAD using add on module assembly2.   IronCAD Compose.   Onshape.   SolveSpace. - Basic SolveSpace parts only, no external imports.
• CAD - Direct editing: DesignSpark Mechanical
• CAD - Parametric editing:   Creo Direct Express.   FreeCAD.   SolveSpace , VisualCAD/FreeMILL, MEDUSA4, DesignCAD 3D MAX for $100, PowerSHAPEe.
• CAD-CAE for FEA link   CAELinux which uses Salome and Code_Aster.   FreeCAD beta.   Salome-Platform..
• Mesh editing / Sculpting for 3D Printing:   Anything, Parametric or Direct modeling that can easily bring your ideas into 3D for CAD or 3D printing.   Blender,   Creo Direct Express.,   Onshape.,   Salome (Mesh module) ?, Sculptris, TopMod, Wings3D.
• Modeling for Motion and Physics Simulations:   Blender.   Creo Direct Express.?   FreeCAD   free-CAD
• Viewer:   IronCAD Compose.   CAD Exchanger..
2D Drafting » Solid Edge 2D: Free for personal or Pro use. Very cool! » DraftSight - Dassault Systemes: Free for personal or Pro use, 2D, Drafting. » LibreCAD - also PortableApps. » QCAD starter » DoubleCAD XT - Free 2D or paid 2.5D TurboCAD LTE Pro. » A9CAD: Free. » A9CAD - PDF overview: » QCAD - 2D, has a parts library: Free and Pro..
See also "Drawing" for general drawing purposes, the Drawing software should be easier to learn and may still have basic dimensioning.
2.5D Drafting - A 2.5D CAD example would be a profile that is extruded perpendicular. One depth value for each point. It would not be possible to loft or sweep, yet. Cadra - 2.5D » CADRA® Full-Featured Mechanical Design and Drafting CAD..
more » DoubleCAD XT Pro - 2.5D XT Pro or free ver.
Solid Edge 2D - You can draw an isometric view and have it update as you change top, front and right side views.
2D/3D CADD - For 2D only, see Drafting or Drawing. Go thru the "more Computer Graphics" area just before Electronics. Beta(s) - Free and other nonprofessional level software to try or keep an eye on.
FreeCAD beta - Very active and easy to teach yourself. - Not to be confused with free-CAD. FreeCAD (Juergen Riegel): Free Open Source 2D3D CAD, 2D (Drawing, Images, Sketcher and Views), 3D (Assembly, CSG, FEA, MCAD, Meshing and Robotics). » FreeCAD Home » FreeCAD Wiki » Links » FreeCAD - Facebook » FreeCAD's original project host, may only get stable releases » FreeCAD unstable releases that can be used as a portable app » FreeCAD Project: Addons', Library, Macros', and Symbols » Macro - Work Features: Axis, Origin, Planes, Points.
Addons' - These addons' are: Macros that get temporarily executed or Modules added to FreeCAD. Macros home
• Work Features macro addon Homepage and Latest Release download to create a new group for creating: Axis, Origin, Planes, Views...
• Assembly2 Workbench addon lets you bring in FreeCAD and other parts and constrain them. Create a new folder called "assembly2" in the FreeCAD "Mod" folder and then put all of the extracted files from the download into it.
• Animate Constraints macro with a YouTube example and the GitHub link for all macros' by this developer.
Portable - » FreeCAD portable by ThumbApps. » X-FreeCAD from winPenPack
This, which hasn't been working properly lately, is a (x86_bin.7z extension) downloaded directly at SourceForge. or here » FreeCAD: Portable. » FreeCAD: Portable as 7zip file. » FreeCAD: Portable, Also has PreReleases..
Help » Beta CAD.odt » FreeCAD Tutorials. » FreeCAD YouTube channels. » FreeCAD YouTube channel cad1919..
NaroCAD beta - Free CAD/CAM. Active but slowly improving. » NaroCAD download. » NaroCAD Application Development. » NaroCAD Home. » NaroCAD.
Python OCC beta - Free, 3D, Command Driven? » pythonOCC about. » Utube..
SolveSpace - 2D3D CAD that is Free Open Source and very cool. Some features are: constraints, layouts, Dynamic Movement, sketcher for linear extrude or 360° revolve, CSG, assemblies, some motion and CAM or CNC output. This software was originally called Sketchflat. SolveSpace is very cool to play with and you will waste many hours. SolveSpace is missing some of the more advanced features. They may be updating to the OpenCascade CAD Kernel. » SOLVESPACE - parametric 2D/3D CAD » SolveSpace nighty builds.
more Beta(s) » BRL-CAD: Free, No Drafting, more of a CSG modeler » BRL-CAD - Future » JSModeler - online » ShapeSmith »  Implicit CAD - Open-Source, Programmatic CAD, has something online.
CAD Companies - The major CAD Companies and also: Alibre now GeoMagic, Kubotek - KeyCreator, CADKEY., Medusa...
Autodesk - 3DS Max, Autocad, Delcam, Fusion360, Inventor, TinkerCAD, VIZ, Mechanical Desktop...
123D Apps - Many ways to create using these 123D apps. 3D Printing - » Locations, Services, Tools,
Tinkercad - Free online, Sign in and start tinkering. 3D print. » Tinkercad
more » Gallery.
A360 - A central workspace in the cloud for storing, viewing and converting. Free plan has 5GB storage.
» Features » Help Documentation.
Autocad Similar free software available: 2D DoubleCAD XT Free, 3D ProgeCAD Smart Free.
Received training and couldn't find a job, or have been laid off ? Read the How is the Student Version Different and Download Issues sections in this link, Autodesk Assistance Program participant..
The 2nd paragraph below the Download Issues area makes exception for those recently unemployed... See also Autodesk Assistance Program..
» The AutoCAD student edition software program is a free download for students, teachers and previously employed CAD operators from the AEC field. » Autodesk Education Community - students & teachers: SF. » Autodesk: Free CAD Viewers » Autodesk 123D - Free 3D Modeling for 3D Printing. » AutoSolids and AS Mechanical now free..
Help » CAD Corner Links. »
Delcam » PowerSHAPEe 2D3D is Free. This seems to have to many limitations compared to other free software. Costs $ $ to export even to a simple (STL) file. It can, Read: Parasolid, ACIS, (IGES & VDA), AutoCAD (DXF and DWG), STEP, STL, CATIA V4 & 5, Cimatron, I-Deas, Pro-Engineer, Rhino, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, and Unigraphics. » Delcam Exchange to read files for free and export for cost. I could look at some of my old files.
Fusion 360 - Free for startups making less than 100,000.($/yr) or for individuals for non-profit use.
- Free with a renewable 1 yr license shown on the overview, or 25.($/mo). Pro 50.($/mo).?
- This looks like Inventor made to work half in the cloud. Features may lag behind Inventor.
- Free cloud storage A360 like Onshape, best of desktop and cloud software combined.
Inventor - This is their top level Desktop CAD for Design and not cloud based.
CAD Schroer Medusa - Free 2D3D CAD for private use. » MEDUSA4 Personal use - Free 2D/3D CAD: no free STL or STEP import / export, see System Requirements Requires a professional version of a Windows OS, maybe Linux.
IMSI/Design DoubleCAD XT - 2D Free for personal or professional use. » DoubleCAD XT v5 You may be using the Pro trial version before it defaults to the free version. DoubleCAD uses a serial number that you may have trouble getting if you don't download from the DoubleCAD site. » Download » Free Trials.
DesignCAD 3D MAX - 2D3D CAD for intermediate use.
TurboCAD - TurboCAD, DesignCAD 3D MAX. » TurboCAD Deluxe. » TurboCAD - Level Comparison. » TurboCAD Community Home. » TurboCAD 15 Deluxe 2D-3D - $10..
TurboCAD LTE was DoubleCAD XT Pro - 2.5D paid. » DoubleCAD XT free vs Pro features.
more » Videos.
Onshape Inc. - Free and Pro 100% online 2D3D CAD with no CAD features limited. Both versions can be used for Business.
- Free and Professional memberships: Free total online size limit of 5GB(unlimited Public and up to 100MB(10 Private Documents) or Paid (100. $/month) has unlimited data storage.
- CAD features not limited: Direct and Parametric modeling, Assemblies, and 2D or 2D3D drafting)
- 2D (you can import edit / export to DXF or DWG) or 2D3D Onshape CAD link.
- 3D parametric or Direct edited models. Import many types and export to STEP, IGES, SAT, JT, Parasolid, or STL.
- Assemblies and motion simulation. Download ? » Onshape compare plans » Onshape Tour.
Apps - These are vender supplied applications for CAM, Rendering and Simulations that you can choose to addon. Looks like you need to have an account and be logged in to see which apps are available. All of our partners endorse Onshape’s business model and have some kind of free offering. » Onshape Apps intro » Technology Partners.
Help » Onshape Videos.
more Onshape
Open Cascade - Open Cascade Technology and the Salome Software Suite. Open Cascade Technology - A free open source kernel for 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE.
Salome Platform - Free Open Source 3D Parametric CAD for CAE that uses the Open Cascade kernel. Download
more » Salome platform on the Open Cascade site.
PTC - 3D CAD, CAE, CAM, FEA, PLM. » All Free Software..
CoCreate - 2D CAD, ME10 or OneSpace Designer Drafting, and 3D Direct modeling using OneSpace Modeler. ME10 is now Creo Elements Direct Drafting and the 3D OneSpace Modeler is now Creo Elements Direct. ME10. included a model structure (tree structure) as opposed to layers and has construction geometry.
Creo Direct Express - (formerly CoCreate)- 3D, CAD, CAE, MCAD, Draft. Personal & Pro. » Modeling Personal Edition 3.0. » Creo Elements/Direct - CoCreate: Free. » Creo Elements/Pro - ProE. » PTC Web Store: Mathcad, Pro/ENGINEER and Wildfire Personal & Student Editions. » Magazine, Email newsletter, tips..
Creo Direct (Formerly CoCreate). - Free Personal Ed., 2D/3D, Assembly 60 parts limit, Draft. » Modeling Personal Edition 3.0..
Creo Pro (Parametrics) - (Formerly ProEngineer / Wildfire). The student version says "If you are a professional interested in learning Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 and want to purchase the Student Edition for personal use, please see the Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 Student Edition - Personal Use." » Creo 1.0 Student Edition - Personal Use..
PTC Tips » Learning Exchange - PTC University. » Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire Tips & Tutorial. » Pro/ENGINEER Forum. » PlanetPTC Community..
Personal Use - No ID Required.
Mathcad - Mathcad Express.
Sketch - Free 2D sketching for Ipad or HD. Creo Sketch.
Siemens PLM
Solid Edge 2D Drafting - This is a completely free for personal or professional use software. Features - Associative geometry between other geometry, views and dimensions. Very cool based on You Tube videos.
Uses the D-CubedTM 2D Dimensional Constraint Manager (2D DCM) from Siemens PLM Software. » D-Cubed Components..
Download - The newest downloads are all 64bit the last 32bit, ST6, will continue to get license updates. They will send you an Email with the required license.
Try this first, just click the link under the "Or proceed..." sentence at this link Solid Edge - Free 2D Drafting and the registration process will be skipped.
It's a big 200 / 400. Mb download / installation. » SE 2D Drafting - Fact Sheet. » SE 2D Drafting - Frequently Asked Questions. » Solid Edge - Free 2D Drafting.
Solid Edge 3D » Viewers - Solid Edge: Free. Training - This link » Self Paced Training. from here » Solid Edge Resources. » ST6 or version 106.
News - Info - Blog for Solid Edge » On The Edge blog.
NX - Unigraphics - 2D3D CAD CAE.
CAE - Computer Aided Engineering - 2D & 3D . CAD may be required. Portability - » UNetbootin - bootable Live USB drives.. Don't know if this would run faster than the Live DVD.
CalculiX - Multi-physics software - FEA (FEM) Open-Source for... Solver is CCX and the Graphical User Interface (pre and post processor) is CGX. Download Linux - see also CAElinux
Windows - There seems to be multiple competing downloads. »  »  - Old? Help
more CalculiX » CalculiX Finite Element Solver Home » CalculiX Home » CalculiXforWin Home
OOFEM - Object Oriented Finite Element Solver - » OOFEM Home
OpenFOAM - Multi-physics software. » Home
Help CFD Home
Tutorials » CAELinux Study 4a.pdf.
Salome-Platform - 3D CAE: Create or Import models, Mesh, analize, simulations. » Salome - FEA & Model and Numerical Simulation: SO.. Downloading - Windows: To install Salome on Windows, unpack the archive and follow the instructions in the enclosed Readme file.
Installing - Version 7.7.1 - The download "SALOME-7.7.1-WIN64.exe" 353,490KB matched the MD5Sum and it scanned clean with Comodo Internet Security Premium. Running the Zip EXE file in Comodo's Virtual Desktop opened the included 7Zip software and only extracted all the files, I believe. I put it directly under "C:". I was able to run this inside the Virtual Desktop. I moved the software first the the Comodo Shared Spaces folder and then to a USB 2.0 drive. I was able to run Salome from the USB inside the Comodo sandbox and off-line. I uploaded these files that were being sandboxed to VirusTotal.
"G:\SALOME-7.7.1-WIN64\MODULES\GUI\bin\salome\SALOME_Session_Server.exe" "MD5Sum = 985970a107cf9b9d279adff2dea9c8e0". Detection ratio: 0 / 55
"G:\SALOME-7.7.1-WIN64\PRODUCTS\omniorb-4.1.6\bin\x86_win32\omniNames.exe" "MD5Sum = 1e43e6a99cfe1538289078eabdc31198". Detection ratio: 0 / 54
"G:\SALOME-7.7.1-WIN64\MODULES\KERNEL\bin\salome\SALOME_LauncherServer.exe" "MD5Sum = 6b04aa67806d495458533b879934ae97". Detection ratio: 0 / 54
"G:\SALOME-7.7.1-WIN64\MODULES\KERNEL\bin\salome\SALOME_ConnectionManagerServer.exe "MD5Sum = d970a57cf7e2dc7d86b13019d20e3757". Detection ratio: 0 / 55
I added these four files to Comodo's trusted files list and reset the sandbox. Restart computer and Salome.
I was not able to save when working off the USB and maybe some other things were hanging
    Version 7.7.1
  • xx
Drafting - This does have a "view dump" feature but the output is only to a raster file type, (BMP, JPG, PNG). » Angle Bracket example below..
Help - Help included with the software. » Salome Tutorials. » Example of Nut.
Variations: CAELinux 2011 - This is based on the Salome-Platform below but able to run from a Live DVD. Now also listed on SourceForge. » CAElinux Home - LiveDVD: OpenSource. - CAELinux requires a 64 bit operating system to run the Live DVD.
more CAE Software
CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics - Using computers to solve fluid dynamics problems. » OpenFOAM » Wind-US CFD Analysis Software, Code_Saturn...
Elmer - Multiphysics. Download - Use the MPI download. » Elmer - Sourceforge
Tutorials - » Elmer - YouTube channel.
CSG - Constructive Solid Geometry based CAD - A basic construction method of designing by adding or subtracting CAD shapes to get some very complex shapes, originally using "Primitives". Use extruded or lofted sketches and then apply CSG. Do not use primatives. FreeCAD.
Kernels: - Not the typical software that you can download and use. These are libraries used by other softwares'. 2D and 2.5D Kernel - The D-CubedTM 2D Dimensional Constraint Manager (2D DCM) by Siemens is also used by Autodesk® for use in Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Civil3D, and AutoCAD Architectural Desktop; and is used by, among others, Siemens for Solid Edge 2D; Dassault for CATIA and SolidWorks; and think3 for thinkdesign.
3D Kernels » ACIS » CAA » CGM » Granite » IntelliCAD » Open CASCADE Technology » Parasolid » ShapeManager.
» CGAL - 2D and 3D computer graphics, scientific visualization, computer aided design and modeling.
Kids can practice modeling » LeoCAD - LEGOTM models..
Links » CAD Corner Links..
Mesh (facet format) - Move under or link to Sculpting? TopMod3D (portable): Google: click filename for CryptoHash TopMod3D - Home Topological Mesh Modeling.. Also Blender, Sculptris, K-3D, » Wings3D - Free, OpenSource.
Modeling software - Geometry, Topological...
» JavaView - A 3D geometry viewer and a mathematical visualization software
Gears » Planetary Gear Designer.
more Models » GrabCAD. - : downloads » TraceParts and TraceParts online - models & Drawings free » 60 Excellent Free 3D Model Websites.
Motion Simulations » VoxCad. More CAD Software » DesignSpark Mechanical » DesignSpark Mechanical - Tutorials » FormZ free by AutoDesSys - limited vs Pro. » IronCAD Compose: free, assemble, view free, STL » CollabCAD - 2D & 3D CAD/CAM and CAE » CollabCAD - NKN » progeCAD Smart 2009: Free, AutoCAD clone » progeCAD - View Features » gCAD3D: Free, 3D & 2D » AnyCAD Free. Look into » Google Sketchup » sketchUcation - Google Sketchup » AllyCAD - 36 Pounds for home use, 300kb drawing size » OpenSCAD - free » JMCAD - modeling and simulation of complex dynamic systems.
Training: Online, Books, - MyIGetIt. » YouTube CAD channels. » Libre Mechanics - Tutorials and Downloads » IronCAD: L, Z » freeCAD - click on Reviews: L, Z » Peter Eland's site. L, Z » Cadalyst - CAD Info: L, Z » CADTutor: L » SDC Publications: Textbooks.
Viewers » IronCAD Compose - assemble, view: free, STL. » CAD Exchanger.

Converting & Viewing Graphic file types - FreeCAD, Blender portable, progeCAD. » VariCAD - 3D/2D CAD Viewing » XnView: graphic and photo viewer,converter, organizer » IGES 2 STEP
Diagrams & Flowcharts » Dia. - links: SF,PS » Gliffy Online FAQ or try LibreOffice-Draw.
Drawing software (general) - Some of these have basic dimensioning and should be easier to use than Drafting software. You may be able to import these into Drafting software. » LibreCAD: also at PortableApps. » A9CAD - Free, 2D, DWG & DXF. » LiteCAD: Free, many features. » Alchemy » Krita - Digital Painting and Drawing Suite: OS » Download Thinking2D 2.0 Free - Basic drawing tools.
See also: Drafting, Painting, Raster, Schematics, Sketching, Vectors to find more drawing software.
Whiteboard online - Cloud Drawing. » Google documents , Shared, works.
» Harmony » Vyew - Free Whiteboard Collaboration and Live Web Conferencing.
FlockDraw - You instantly see and can edit what someone else is drawing. Click the Login button and start drawing.
Electronics - Electronics Design Automation software. "Dia" has symbol libries, see PortableApps. PCB » gEDA - suite of applications: Free Linux. » Liquid PCB: Free. » Pad2Pad - Custom Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer: Free » TinyCAD.
Mathematical Modelers » K3DSurf - 3D surface generator » GeoGebra - Education, geometry, algebra, statistics, Mathematics, Simulations and calculus.
Painting - Should be used with a pressure sensitive tablet for full effect. See also Raster Graphics Editors.
» MyPaint: L. » Krita - Digital Painting and Drawing Suite: SO. » Tux Paint for kids 3-12: L, SO, X.
Physics in CG » Garry's Mod
Pictures - includes images, digital photos.
Plotting » GLE: Quality Graphs, Plots, Diagrams, and Figures.
Prototype: from CAD, also Casting, Clay, Stereolithography, Venders.
Raster Graphics - . » GIMP. » Comparison of raster graphics editors. See also: LiteCAD, MEDUSA. Convert » Potrace. Schematic Drawings. - Circuit drawings. » TinyCAD.
Sketching in Graphics. - See also Paint, Raster and Vector graphics. » Creo Sketch » SketchBoard alpha. » Research 3D Sketching.
Vector Graphics. - LibreOffice-Draw can export to the SVG format. » Asymptote » Comparison of vector graphics editors, Wikipedia
Inkscape » Inkscape Wiki Free.
more Vector Graphics » snap2objects - Vector Freebies. » Skencil - Q&A: OS-U. » SVG Edit - Free online.
Sculpting software - This is different from Mesh Processing software. Check each Sculpting softwares systems requirements for best results, screen resolution. Like painting software, this may be able to work with a pressure sensitive graphics tablet. Blender Blender
Scruptris - Excellent free program for beginners. Scruptris alpha 6 - version about 19 Mb - Portability. » Scruptris - at Softpedia » Sculptris - Pixologic: Free, 3D For the most up to date version. You will receive an Email with a download link. » DrPetter's Projects
Scruptris alpha 5 - version 1.02, about 3 Mb, Portability - Set screen resolution to 1024x768. No installation. Just copy the folder to a USB for portable Sculptris. » Scruptris - at CNET » Scruptris - at Softonic.
more Sculpting Software » MeshLab. » SculptGL..
more Computer Graphics » 15 Free Online Image Editors. » 24 Free Mac Design Programs. » 12 Gems of Freeware Design Programs. » 40 Best Open Source Graphic Programs. » 45 Best Freeware Design Programs. » Free Mechanical Engineering CAD Software. » 3D computer graphics software. » PythonCAD Wiki. » Rework a Technical Drawing. » CAD Viewer, Markup, Visualization & Collaboration Cimmetry. » GlobalSpec. » Schroff Development Corporation Home. » CadStd - Cad Standard Lite-freeware and inexpensive Pro software: 2D. » NovEdge - The largest online CAD-CAM store » Eng-Tips Forums for engineering professionals. L X » ACM SIGGRAPH Web Resources. L X
Energy Creating Energy - Look up that hollow flashlight.
Storing Energy Batteries
Compressed Gas -
» Compressed_air_energy_storage.
Liquids - Fuel Oils( Diesel, Gasoline, Oil), Hydrogen.
Engineering Analysis » Frame3DD - Frames and Trusses. » Frame3DD - Home. » Code_Aster: FEA, Free.
Codes & Standards GD&T - Y14.5M . » » Geometric Tolerance » TecEase - GD&T Training and GD&T Materials,2009 ASME Standard, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. I have used PDFmyURL on TecEase.
more Codes & Standards » IHS..
Civil Engineering » FEMTA beta- 3D truss analyzer: SO. » FEA for 2D and 3D constructions (frames and trusses): OS-W. » CBA - continuous beam analysis: SO. » Atlas 2.0 - moments and reaction forces.
Drawings » Multiview orthographic projection.
Exams » NCEES - National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. » FE-EIT, PE, ARE, and NCIDQ Exam Review from PPI. » CCSU - Fundamentals of Engineering examination. Fluid Dynamics - Find the Code_Saturne link. » Code_Saturne: Free » OpenFOAM by OpenCFD
LAD - Large Angle Diffuser » LAD - US5165452 » LAD Flow Conditioner.
Manufacturing Engineering
3D Printing - Software that will communicate to your 3D printer. Slic3r - G-code generator for 3D printers.
CNC - Computer Numerically Controlled » SURFCAM - A Global Leader In CNC CAD/CAM Software: Free.
Prototype from CAD, also Casting, Clay, and Stereolithography for Inventions. - Autodesk 123D.
» eMachineShop Online orders with FREE CAD Software » Z Corp. - Incredible!. » Z Corp. - You Tube 1. » Z Corp. - You Tube 2. » Robots That Make Things » Model-Ease
Get stuff made, Help -
Printers and Printing Hardware -
Services - » Print To 3D.
Software - See CAD above for software that can output to the AMF or (.stl) file format.
more Manufacturing Engineering » Society of Manufacturing Engineers.
Mechanical Engineering Linkages » SolveSpace software » FreeCAD software.
Mechanisms » Kinematic Mechanisms, Cornell University » Mekanizmalar.
MCAD » MCAD Central: L, X.
more Mechanical Engineering » American Society Of Mechanical Engineers. » NSPE. » Mechanical Engineering.
Structural Engineering more Structural Engineering » FEA for 2D and 3D constructions (frames and trusses): OS-W. » DS-Frame2D.
more Engineering Materials » MatWeb - materials information resource(free, register r premium): L, X. » freeCAD, Reviews: L. » Mechanical Calculations and technical links » Engineers Edge:L » Engineering Vendor: L. » Mechanical Engineering links » Engineering Portal » Engineering and Technology Portal. Help » LearnEngineeringTeam channel.
Manufacturing -
Math - Visual Calculations. » Matlab from Mathworks, and IDL from Research Systems.
» FreeMat - FAQ: Free. » K3DSurf - 3D surface generator: L. » Sage or SageMath Windows download. » Octave. » Scilab for numerical computations. » Scilab Home. Curve Fitting » Regression analysis - curve fitting: Free.
Patent - see Drawing, » Google Patents. » USPTO
Gravity & Antigravity » Coral Castle created solely by Edward Leedskalnin I believe this was more recently shown on the "Unexplained Structures" episode of "Ancient Aliens".
Science Chemistry » Chemical Periodic Table.
Flight - Autogyro
News » NASA Technology Briefs: News and Videos.
Google search on the standard and go to the link. Free account required to download. Ex. Y14.5 gives a view of 114 pages of Y14.5 Dimensioning and Tolerancing. » Understanding Y14 5 Dimensioning and Tolerancing:
» Search Mil Specs & Drawings - DSCC.
Space » NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

End of Computer section.